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            Arrested? Criminally Charged? Under an Investigation?  Need a Lawyer? Need an Investigator? Need to get out of Jail? Need to get a Criminal Charge Dropped? and or Professional Consulting? Need an Expert Witness?  Need Expert Litigation Support? 

                                                                                  OR JUST NEED HELP!!!!

                                             IF SO, GO TO OUR "ABOUT US" TAB ABOVE! BECOME A MEMBER!!


            Covered Groups: 

  • Florida Private Security Officers

  • Florida Law Enforcement Officers

  • Florida Corrections Officers

  • Florida Licensed Probation Officers

  • Florida CCW License Holders

  • Florida Constitutional Carry Holders

  • ANY Florida resident arrested acting in self-defense in the State of Florida who is an active paid member in good standing, and who is 18 years of age or older. 

          We are not a pre-paid legal plan, nor are we a Legal Insurance policy, nor are we selling you a Legal Insurance policy or plan.  We feel entities like that are more of a joke than effective in helping people. We have people that have used those types of services and were let down, due to their misleading advertisements.  We do exactly what we say we are going to do, and it is exclusively for the State of Florida Residents.  We deal with issues and situations that occur to our members in the State of Florida. FLSD is a division of the Freeman Group of North America.   

Individual Legal Risk Management
Consultancy Firm


Providing Expert Consulting and Support for our Members

"Florida Legal Self Defense" is a Division of The Freeman Group of North America. Neither entities are Law Firm(s) and do not offer Legal Advice.

Copy Right 2022 FGNA

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