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Since our inception, FLSD has been Laser-focused on building a Strategic, Consultancy Firm, Utilizing some of the best Consultants and Independent Criminal Defense Attorneys in the State of Florida

    As a member, you will enjoy all of the same benefits outlined on the services page.  You will have 24-hour access to experts in the areas of Criminal and Civil Liability and Investigations, assisted by Investigators from the Blackstone Investigative Institute. Included in your membership.  Www.BlackstoneInvestigativeInstitute.Com.

     When you are in a situation and need help just look at your membership card and call us!!!!!!!!


     FLSD will assist in posting up to 2,500 dollars or 10% to help secure a bond of up to 25,000 dollars for any paid members in Good Standing who should use a firearm on or off duty, or use Less Lethal Force and are Charged Criminally.


     Let us say for comparison a  member is charged with using a Firearm and shooting someone WHO wasn't killed could be looking at an initial Aggravated Battery Charge depending on the circumstances.  We can say the Bond amounts in Florida on a charge of this nature will generally run between $5,000 and $20,000 depending on the County in which it occurred, and the recommended Bond amount is usually $10,000.  We will work alongside Florida Bail Bond Agents to make sure you don't sit in Jail. 1-800-857-6206

We have a network of suggested Attorneys, but ultimately you get to pick your attorney, FLSD will forward a one-time paid retainer of up to 5,000 Dollars for a covered event, to get you immediate representation for your legal defense to be put in Motion.  

   Several national associations promise services like this.  Most of the time you are wasting your money.  They're quick to promise and take your money, but slow to answer your call or return your call.  At 2 in the morning, you want someone there and not a person telling you that someone will get back to you within  72 hours.  You call us, and you will immediately get assistance. 

      All members will be issued a membership card with an assigned membership number. That number is what you will use when calling for Assistance.

Membership can be paid Monthly, Quarterly, or Yearly. * Membership Services are Subject to Change.



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Darren W. Freeman

All Members Recieve Copies of this Best Selling Book!



Knowledge is not Power, applied knowledge is.......

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