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Consultancy & Strategy

Should you find yourself involved in a Criminal, Civil, or Job-related Internal Criminal or Administrative Investigation, or find yourself arrested or being charged for using force to protect yourself or someone else, or let's say you are a Florida CCW License holder and discharge your firearm protecting yourself or someone else, then you need FLSD.  You need professionals who have worked in the Criminal and Civil areas of Florida Law in and out of a Courtroom. Professionals who know the Rules of engagement and will look out for your best interests to protect your career, rights, and Freedom.  This Membership includes ANY Criminal Charge you might be arrested for.  Example, Assault, Battery, Agg. Assault, Agg Battery, Felony Battery, Manslaughter, Murder, Petit -Theft, Grand-Theft, Criminal Mischief, Trespassing, False Imprisonment, and any Crime Chargable under Florida's 10, 20, Life Laws. Investigators assigned through Blackstone Investigative Institute to assist you.  Www.BlackstoneInvestigativeInstitute.Com.


Personal Legal 
Risk Management

     Becoming a Paid member of the FLSD, it will allow all members in good standing Free 24-hour access to Experts in all areas of Criminal and Civil law, but also Law Enforcement, Corrections, and Private Security Professional Experts in these areas. This will also include Investigative Criminal and Civil Investigative Services, Expert Witnesses in All areas of Criminal and Civil Law.  General Consulting on any member issues. Bond assistance Should you find yourself arrested on ANY CRIMINAL CHARGE!

     We work alongside some of the best Criminal and Civil Defense Attorneys in the State of Florida

     In Either of these professions, Security Officer, Law Enforcement Officer, Corrections Officer, or Probation Officer, should you find yourself involved in a Criminal, Civil, or a Job related Internal or Administrative Investigation, you're going to need help. Even if you part of a Union or Collective bargaining of some kind your gonna need help.  Expert Witnesses do not come cheap, Professional Investigators do not come cheap. Legal Representation does not come cheap.  

                 BECOME A MEMBER OF FLSD TODAY!!!!! 

Membership can be paid Monthly, Quarterly, or Yearly.  Membership Services Subject to Change


Covered Groups

  • Florida Private Security Officers

  • Florida Law Enforcement Officers

  • Florida Corrections Officers

  • Florida Licensed Private Investigators

  • Florida CCW License Holders

  • Florida Constitutional Carry Holders July 1st, 2023


Criminal and Civil Investigations, Discharging of a Firearm, Use of Force Issues. ANY alleged Criminal Activity. Reviewing arrest reports and or charging affidavits.

Court Room Testimony and Preparation. Criminal and Civil Deposition Preparation.   

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